Hello my friends! What I personally think is the best season of the year, is about to leave us to make room for the colder Winter and I have to say that I’ve never seen so many autumn colours as this year’s ones, I really loved being a spectator of the changing season in the English countryside.

I moved to the English countryside five years ago, in search of a slower life after a very, very busy period in London(which I still love as a city but that kinda life doesn’t suit me). Last summer my husband and I, after living for over 4 years in Tunbridge Wells, bought our first house in a stunning village called Wadhurst, in the East Sussex. A simple and cosy cottage close to the British valley, has always been my dream and it finally came true!

Living in the countryside is making me so much happier! There is something magical happening when you live surrounded by nature, kind people, breathtaking views and incredible foot paths. Stress just goes away to leave room to happiness and relaxing vibes. You step out your house to go in the village centre, talk to very kind and smiling people, take a coffee at your usual place to then go for a long walk in the magical British valley.

I always knew England was my place, but it is even better than what I thought now that I’m living here! What caught my attention more than anything else, is its nature and the beauty of it.

Almost every day I go for a walk with my little dog Marley and my camera (never without) discovering new footpaths all around the village and each time I find new beautiful details, bucolic views and hidden woods to spend even more time walking through ’em.

I really encourage everyone to have a nice early morning stroll, especially when it’s misty, frosty and gloomy!
Wonderful autumn colours in full bloom, crunchy leaves and mossy forest floor, rolling hills, the scent of autumn in the air and the deep light through the trees which makes every little detail of nature sparkle.
So peaceful and relaxing, there’s nothing better to get lost and clear your mind, breathe fresh air and let your wellies get muddy across fields. This is my wellbeing therapy!

Photography Tips

  • Most of the time I only use 50mm 1.8 for close up shots but the 18-135mm can be a good choice to cover most of the shots.
  • A thing that I like is waiting the weather to be overcast when I’m shooting valleys or cottages, and waiting the golden hour when I’m inside woods or paths.
  • It’s likely that you will need your aperture to be as open as possible to let all the light in your camera and get a nicely lit photo.
  • Don’t forget to clean your lenses before any day out shooting. You don’t want to find out your photos being all ruined at the end of the day.
  • Other than the above, go out, take pictures and have fun!

I personally think that the best place to go for a walk into the wild nature is Snape Wood. It’s a beautiful woodland with plenty of trees, plants and wildlife but also stunning valleys to admire.
If you are looking for a nice easy walk I love to take the path just behind the church and follow the road: you will be walking on the road most of the times but the traffic is calm (almost non-existent) and you can easily spot stunning cottages with beautiful gardens along the way.
Others astonishing places to visit in the area are Bewl Water and Bedgebury Pinetum.

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Spring, the blooming season

After a cold winter, when nature takes a break and leaves the rain and the frost doing its job while everything else sleeps, a new peaceful moment is about to start. It’s finally spring!! Green everywhere, blooming, amazing scents, colourful gardens… Everything is so perfect and harmonious! Nothing beats spring, the blooming season!

Why do I love to photograph flowers and plants?

Flowers and Plants make me so happy, I feel calm and in peace every time I’m surrounded by nature, but what I like the most is to get my camera, my wellies and go through woods and over the hills to find these beauties!

I usually have a clear idea of what I’d like to photograph when I start my day, keeping my eyes out for colours, perfect light and colourful textures. I tend to focus on flowers and leaves, I love the intricacy of petals, and how many details there are when you get very close to them.

I’m very curious to discover new types of flowers and plants every time I go out, they’re so unique and singular so I can be creative with my photos. As said, spring, the blooming season, offers a lot of different flowers and plants to play with!

Photography tips

  • Use primes lenses like 50mm 1.8 aperture, 70mm and better if macro lenses.
  • Put your aperture to the minimum value of your lens. The lower the better, it will give you bokeh and a nice blurry background.
  • Clean your lens before shooting, always, always and always!
  • Make sure to put your subject in focus!! Very important for close up shots.
  • Check your white balance, every time the weather changes.
  • And last but not least, have your camera set to manual to be able to do everything I just said!

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Beauty of Bluebells

The beauty of Bluebells

That time of the years has come and one of my favourite flowers are about to bloom! Bluebells!

Spring time is the best season to take a long walk in the woods, enjoying the magic change of the nature.
When I find a beautiful blanket of bluebells it’s just breathtaking, like being in an enchanted forest and it’s just unforgettable! Aaaah the beauty of bluebells!!

Something more about Bluebells

Bluebell is a very tiny pretty wild flower. Deep violet-blue in colour, bluebells are bell-shaped with six petals and up-turned tips. Absolutely beautiful with unmistakable bell shaped, bluebell flowers create a magical blue carpets wherever they grow.
Hyacinthoides non-scripta, is native to the western parts of Atlantic Europe, it reaches its greatest densities in England.
Bluebells are traditionally woodland flowers. They grow in wet and undisturbed soil, creating the wonderful blue dense display we fondly associate with spring. They also grow along hedgerows, garden and in fields.

Photography Tips

I use a Canon 80D and my lens of choice is the canon 50mm 1.8. With that I can capture all those small details of the subject, blurred foreground and background and, if I’m lucky, I can catch bees, butterflies and hoverflies trying to feed themselves on their nectar.

Here’s some settings you can use and don’t forget to put your camera in Manual Mode!!

  • ISO 100
  • Aperture: 1.8, the lower you can go the better.
  • Shutter speed based on the day, the lower the better!

What I love is creating a watercolours painting effect, with rich colours and soft and delicate contrast. Playing with the light, the background and the shape of the flowers and leaves to get an incredible magical picture. Remember to set the focus on your subject center! It’s never a good idea to take random photos and then, when checking them at home, they are all blurred and out of focus! (Yes it happens a lot more than you think!!!).

The beauty of bluebells is that you have many of them in the same spot and you can do a lot of cool effects!

Beauty of Bluebells

Where to find them in UK

It’s very easy to find bluebells in Britain, as I mentioned before. I live in the South of England, surrounded by trees, stunning forests and green lands and my favourite spot to see carpets of bluebells is at ARLIGTON BLUEBELL WALK & FARM TRAIL. This huge amazing garden is stunning and full of beauty of the nature. The birdsongs, the pretty sunlights trough the trees, the blossom of flowers , the power of nature is just creating a fairytale experience!

It’s such a perfect place to spend all day amongst the nature, relaxing yourself, taking beautiful pictures, enjoying the bucolic British countryside, walking in flourishing woods paths and meet some cute friends, as cows, sheeps, horses and more… Having an idyllic day with your friends and family!

But don’t worry, if you are not near this place you can find them everywhere in the woods during their season!

Are you ready for my Photography Shop?

My photography shop is under development and coming soon! I will be selling all my best photos ever and you will find the bluebells as well because there is nothing like the beauty of bluebells! I love printing those photos and using them for my house!

For the moment tho, don’t forget to check my other shop where I sell products for your wellbeing!


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All pictures are from me and under copyright.

All pictures are from me and under copyright.