my relationship with phography

Hey everyone!

Today I’m here to share with you my relationship with Photography and why I love it so much!

My story has begun long time ago, I fell in love with photography when I was 12 and I first started taking photos. I was using just a Kodak Single Use camera back then, I know the quality wasn’t very good but it was enough to catch the best memories and it’s very fun and emotional to see those pictures today.

I used to snap photos everywhere, all the hike with my friends, holiday at the beach, animals, plants and flowers. Pretty much everything.

As I grew older, I began to take photography more seriously so I started studying, doing advanced courses, improving my knowledge with lot of daily practise, doing a lot of photographs on my travels.

You can’t imagine how many mistakes I had to do before achieving what I had in my mind. I’m very picky on composition of the pictures, which requires a lot of technical skills, especially on close up shots.

Today I’m still practicing new techniques and new styles, you never stop learning new stuff!!

Few tips I can give you to start learning photography for real are:

  • If your camera have the manual setting, please use it and never change it!
  • Manual settings will force you to learn the main rules of photography.
  • Play with the shutter speed for blurry effects!
  • Also play with the shutter aperture for lighting effects!
  • Try to check your white balance, which is another great setting to play with for colour effects.
  • There are plenty of free courses online for basic photography, check them out!

… Telling stories through images…

Through the years, my camera has become the best way to show my perspective, my feelings. With photography I can tell a story, mine, yours and whoever has one. I love capturing the little details of the world around me, focusing on the beauty of nature.

Plants, flowers, trees and woodlands are my favourites subjects. I’m fascinated by the natural light, changes of seasons and all the magic vibes they get. I could photograph this enchanting moments all day long, every day!

Photography has become a big part of my life and is very much linked with my other passion which is walking. I mostly love doing long walks in the woods, mountains and British countryside and every time I get in these places, my mind gets lost. Photography helps me to capture those feelings, I’m always trying to create a unique, dreamy and delicate moment which, one day, will be a fantastic memory to watch and watch again.. and again.

My gear

Just wanted to let you know my gear so I can help all the new photographers out there. Listing here all my lenses and cameras:

  • Canon 750D, my very first professional camera.
  • Canon 80D, my current camera. Next one will be Full Frame.
  • Canon 10-18mm lens. I use this one for landscapes and amazing video.
  • Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. I use this one for closeups and portraits.
  • Samyang 14mm 2.4 lens. This one is for night photography, mostly milky way and stars.
  • Canon 18-135mm. A general lens so I can change the focal length without changing the lens.
  • Canon 70-300mm. Very long lens for close ups and distant animals.

Here I have all my other gear which is as important the the above:

  • Tripod, very VERY important. A stable and portable tripod will be your best friend.
  • Photography bag. You will need one for your many expensive lenses and cameras.
  • Lens cleaner. Also very important, you don’t want your lenses to be dirty during a shoot.
  • Filters. ND filters are my fav but coloured ones are cool too for some unexpected results!
  • Rain cover. I know that professional cameras like Canon are waterproof but.. better cover them!
  • Drone DJI Spark. Arial shooting sorted with this drone!
  • Multi charger for many batteries!

That’s pretty much My relationship with Photography. Are you a storyteller too? Well, I can’t wait to hear what photography means for you and what is your Relationship with Photography! Feel free to subscribe and share your story with me, I’m very interested on hearing what photography means to you!

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