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My experience with Ringana

I’ve been looking for natural products for years and I can get a little picky about the product that I want to use because my skin is very dry and sensitive and I always struggle to find the perfect cream, oil, serum, anything that can help with that.

Also, as many others do, I have lots of allergies and my stomach isn’t one of the strongest so I’ve changed my diet to a healthier one which helps quite a lot but I was in need for more and Ringana is really helping! Ringana So Fresh So Clean!

Ringana has the best natural results because of the unique freshness concept. The perfect balance between high-tech and nature. In fact, the packaging is made with recyclable glass vials, wrapped in organic cotton hand towels!

This makes the difference and it’s very important for me! Taking care of nature has became essential in my life and I’m proud to share my daily self-care routine with Ringana.

My first experience with them was so satisfying! I could immediately see the effects on my body.
Every formula leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and looking beautiful , glowy and smooth. The scent is AMAZING , so natural, delicate and pure.

As every natural skin care brand, Ringana is not as cheap as common commercial products but the quality is essential for the best results and, personally, I do care about it. I prefer to spend more and use natural, fresh products on my body.

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Fresh cleanser

The first step to a beautiful skin is the right cleansing. I’m fully obsessed with tea’s fragrances and this cleanser, that I love is made with green tea extract. Plant based, chia seed, jojoba and sesame oil are creating the perfect green natural cleanser for you daily routine.

I like to use it as first thing in the morning, before I go to sleep and every time I get a shower to feel always hydrated, clean and fresh.

Fresh Tooth Oil and Fresh Tooth Balm

Well, who doesn’t like to have clean and white teeth? I find these two products absolutely amazing! It is not necessary to use them together, sometimes I’m in a hurry so just the BALM by itself can be fine.

Mild cleansing grains clean gently, while a high-quality plant extract from turmeric protects against tooth decay and gum disease. Mint oil and eucalyptus oil ensure healthy mouth flora and fresh breath. Potassium citrate protects sensitive teeth and exposed roots. I think this is the perfect balance for you daily teeth care.

Fresh Body Milk

There’s nothing better for your skin to find the perfect body cream! When I tried Ringana’s body milk I fell in love with it completely, because of the delicate scent, so fresh, natural not to mentione that it’s made with Aloe Vera and Magnolia extracts! I couldn’t resist!

This formula is amazing on my dry skin so I would suggest to use this on every dry skin! Everytime I use it, my skin gets softer and smoother. After a shower, during the day, at any time you feel like you are in need of it! The more the better!

Fresh Overnight

My favourite for sure! I think the most relaxing part of my day is before I fall asleep because I have few moments for myself. After a long day my skin and my body need to hydrate at its best as I like to prevent skin aging, making my skin elastic and healthy introducing the vitamins that I need.

This is the reason why I’ve chosen Ringana’s Overnight . It has an effective ABC complex and after a good sleep I feel my skin and my body completely restored and ready for a new day! Ringana So Fresh So Clean!